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      • Subaru may want you to feel the freedom but even they can’t escape a Takata recall.

        By now I’m guessing you’ve heard about the dangers of Takata airbags, but here’s a quick recap:

  4. 2016

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      • This latest round of recalls has been split into what the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is calling “zones” across the country. See the full list of recalled vehicles.

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      • Let’s face it — there are a lot of dangerous things that can go wrong with your car. Having your hood fly open and slam into the windshield while driving? That definitely ranks up there.

  5. 2015

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      • When the hood flies open to give the windshield a hug, it’s easy to see why you wouldn’t “feel the love” of a Subaru.

        Maybe that’s why there’s a lawsuit for defective hood latches in the...