Subaru Vehicles Have Been Assigned 1,647 TSBs

Have you ever had an annoying problem, only to have the mechanic say they couldn’t duplicate the problem? That’s the worst. THE. WORST. Well a TSB can help technicicans troubleshoot a problem, even if they can’t replicate it.

Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) are issued by automakers to mechanics and contain recommended steps for repairing problems that don’t neccessarily warrant a recall. We’ve listed some of the most recent TSBs below.

    Most TSBs For Subaru Vehicles

    Every tsb can involve multiple model years, so we've taken each model and ranked them by how many times they've been involved in a specific campaign.

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    Answers to the most frequently asked questions

    What is a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB)?

    Click and Clack of Car Talk succintly described TSBs as a document “containing advice from the company to the mechanics who fix [the] cars.” Automakers create TSBs to summarize specific problems with their cars and the recommended steps to make those problems go away. They can range from covering specific vehicles to covering entire model lineups.