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A collection of stories that owners should hear about including recalls, lawsuits, investigations, and top complaints. For a quick view of all stories, checkout the archive.

New Year, New Takata Recalls. Because, Of Course There Is.

Whoever had January 20th in the how long will it take for Subaru to have its first Takata recall in 2018 pool, step forward to claim your prize.

The automaker is recalling 230,000 vehicles to replace their passenger-side airbag inflators. The models include most of Subaru’s lineup – Forester, Legacy, Impreza, Outback, Tribeca, WRX. David Woods has the breakdown of model years and recall zones on

Takata has been in the news a lot lately, and none of it has been good – more confirmed casualties and stop-driving orders have prompted questions from our much-maligned Senators. Ooo, I have a question – what the heck took them so long?

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Does the WRX Have a High Performance Engine Without High Performance Protection?

A class-action lawsuit alleges that Subaru’s high-performance engines, found in WRX and WRX STI vehicles, can’t create enough lubrication to properly protect the engines from failing.

…the engines allegedly have severe problems with oil lubrication to the bearings and crankshafts which doesn’t create enough lubrication to properly protect the engines from problems.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Subaru and oil controversy.

The plaintiff claims his 2010 Impreza WRX suffered complete engine failure in 2016 when the car had 73,000 miles on the odometer, something that shouldn’t occur to an engine that should last for at least 120,000 miles.

Subaru was hit with a similar class-action claiming the 2013-14 WRX and WRX STI are manufactured with defective “EJ” short block engines with insufficient oil supply to the bearings.

I’m sensing a trend.

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Subaru Extends Their CVT Warranty, but it’s a Limited Time Offer

After some prodding, Subaru has decided to extend the warranty on their Lineartronic CVT.

A Subaru transmission warranty extension has been issued for 2010-2015 Legacy and Outback, 2012-2015 Impreza, 2013-2015 Crosstrek, 2014-2015 Crosstrek Hybrid, 2014-2015 Forester and 2015 WRX vehicles, all equipped with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs).

However, it’s a limited time offer. Inspections or repairs need to be completed by July 31, 2018.

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Soy Vey! Hawaiian Lawsuit Says Subaru’s Soy-Based Wire Coatings Are Getting Chewed Up

Subaru has been sued over its use of a soy-based wire coating, which one owner claims is attracting rodents and leading to thousands of dollars in damage.

Plaintiff Joy Diane Shuey says she purchased a new 2015 Subaru Forester, but about a month later she took the SUV back to the dealer because of a fuel odor and an illuminated check engine light … The technician allegedly discovered the fuel line and rear wiper hose needed to be replaced because they had been chewed by rats. Shuey says she paid $318.52 for repairs that Subaru didn’t cover under warranty.

This is by no means a Subaru-specific problem. To date, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia are all facing similar lawsuits for using soy-based coating and refusing to cover repairs under warranty.

According to automakers, it’s unfortunate but not a defect.

That doesn’t sit well with owners like Shuey who also had to pay $388.09 for a damaged fuel line and a staggering $2,433.30 to replace an engine wiring harness – both of which had been chewed by rats.

The class-action, Joy Diane Shuey, et. al, vs. Servco Subaru, Inc, et. al., is only for owners who purchased a Subaru from a specific dealership in Hawaii. However, depending on the outcome it could lay the groundwork for statewide or nationwide litigation.

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Lack of Fuel Pressure Causes Stalling in the 2017 Impreza

Are winterized fuels to blame for the stalling engines in 2017 Imprezas? If you ask Subaru, that’s what they’ll tell you.

According to the automaker, while the car is stopped or moving slowly the winterized fuel begins to vaporize in the lines under higher ambient temperatures. When vapor builds up, the fuel pressure goes down which leads to rough idling, stalling, or even a problem starting the engine.

More than 33,000 Imprezas will be recalled but Subaru doesn’t know when.

It’s been a rough couple weeks for the 2017 Impreza which was also recently recalled for memory issues causing blank or frozen rearview camera screens.

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Legacy Recalled For Rear View Screens That Go Blank or Freeze Up

The rear view camera systems in some 2017 Imprezas weren’t installed with enough memory, causing the screens to go blank or freeze up. Subaru will recall more than 25,000 of the 2017 Imprezas to fix the issue.

Blue Screen of Death

While both situations are frustrating, a frozen screen seems particularly dangerous – it might give you the impression that the area behind you is clear, when it really isn’t.

As always, it’s good not to rely 100% on technology.

Don’t forget the tried-and-true “look over your shoulder” method. I won’t even judge you when you complain about how tight your neck is while doing it.

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Subaru Can’t Escape Another Takata Recall

Subaru may want you to feel the freedom but even they can’t escape a Takata recall.

By now I’m guessing you’ve heard about the dangers of Takata airbags, but here’s a quick recap:

  1. Over time, Takata’s airbag inflators are susceptible to moisture.
  2. When that moisture mixes with the airbag’s propellant, the inflator becomes unstable. That means it can explode during a deployment and send shrapnel throughout the cabin.
  3. The problem is responsible for 11 deaths in the USA alone.

Subaru is recalling 186,000 vehicles, some of them for the second time. Find out if yours is on the list (make sure to scroll through all the different recall “zones”).

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Turbocharged Engines Recalled to Stop Overheating Pump

Subaru is recalling some turbocharged vehicles from the 2007-2013 model years. Those engines have a secondary air injection pump that can overheat, melt, and catch fire.

…the automaker received another report and this time the secondary air injection pump caught fire. Subaru wanted to investigate the part but a fire department had already taken it. But by May 2015, Subaru learned of another pump catching on fire, and this time the automaker was able to look at the pump and confirm the underlying problem.

Subaru says a check engine light will warn drivers. But an even better warning might be all the smoke coming out of your hood. And remember, where there’s smoke …

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Well, That's One Way to Thaw a Windshield

This year’s Farmer’s Almanac predicts winter to be a long, cold slap in the face. Especially for those of us in the northern areas.

My least favorite part of winter? Scraping the darn windshield. Luckily, Subaru unintentionally came up with a solution to that problem. Unfortunately, it’s a massive safety risk and needs to be recalled immediately.

The 2010-2014 Legacy and Outback have windshield wiper motors with bottom covers that can become contaminated. Because of the contamination, components inside the bottom covers can interfere with each other, and if the wipers are obstructed by anything, the motors can overheat, melt, [and catch on fire].

OK, so obviously Subaru didn’t intend for this to happen. But I promise you, there will come a time this winter when you wish your wiper motors were shooting fireballs at the 3” of ice that accumulated on your windshield.

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New Knee Guards Won’t Help You in a Crash

Subaru is issuing a recall for some loose knee guards that are there to provide additional protection for drivers wearing their seat belts in a crash.

The 2017 Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles are equipped with knee guard brackets that may not be properly attached to the steering beam assemblies. The knee guard is meant to help provide additional protection to a driver in a crash, especially if they aren’t wearing a seat belt.

Or you could just wear your darn seat belt. #realtalk

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