Gas Leaks Blamed on Torque Wrench Usage in Factory

Subaru is recalling 3,200 brand new vehicles for a problem that could eventually lead to a fire.

“Subaru says proper tightening procedures weren’t followed for the nuts that secure the propeller shaft to the rear differential. The automaker blames the problem on an improper use of the torque wrench”

Looks like somebody in the Subaru factory is going back to “Torque Wrench 101.” So how do some loose nuts lead to a fire? It’s simple, really:

Loose connection → propeller shaft comes loose → propeller hits the gas tank → gas tank leaks → small spark turns your car into a lump of coal.

OK, maybe it isn’t that simple, but the threat is there. If you own a 2016 Legacy or Outback you should get your car fixed as soon as possible. The recall is already underway and there’s full details on our site.