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Outback Passes the 'Throw a Camaro On It' Test

Police say a Chevy Camaro driver lost control of his vehicle (ya think?), went airborne and ended up on top of a 2014 Subaru Outback in a Tennessee parking lot. If I owned that Subaru my anger would only be outweighed by how impressed I am he stuck the landing.

A Dazzling Wreck

Passersby probably thought this scene was staged. Maybe for a movie? But it really happened. The Subaru owner, who was stocking up on some fine adult beverages when he heard a horrible noise, came out to find his Outback wearing a brand new hat.

Red really does bring out its headlights, if that’s any consolation.

A Camaro Landed on Top of a Subaru in TN (Photo: Wendy Tittsworth)

As for the Camaro driver, he was able to jump out of his car and hop down to safety without being hurt. Although I’m guessing there’s a speeding ticket or wreck-less driving citation coming his way soon.

Somehow Everyone Walked Away OK (Photo: Wendy Tittsworth)

Still, impressive kid. Damn impressive.

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