Subaru's Parent Company Rolling in the Dough

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Scott McCracken
An overhead view of a parking lot with cars neatly lined up inside parking spaces.

Subaru sales continue to climb in the USA. And climb. And climb.** Japan's Fuji Heavy Industries --- the maker of Subaru vehicles --- saw a 70% increase in Q1 operating profits over the previous quarter.

Consumer Demand

Demand in the US for the once Birkentocked cars is off the charts. In fact, Fuji Heavy Industries has struggled to meet it. Sales were up 28% (to $1.08 billion dollars), with a majority of the demand for the Legacy and Outback. Just take one drive down my street and you'd swear it was the Forester.

Now the $1.08 billion dollar question is -- will increased demand and manufacturing pressure mean more problems coming off the line?

Rolling in the depp.

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