Blinding Dashboard Glare Lawsuit

Being able to see the road clearly is one the cornerstones to a successful day of driving. That’s probably why some Legacy and Outback owners are so fed up with their dashboards.

A proposed class-action lawsuit says the dashboards were made with a defective material that fails in high heat or sunlight. It melts, becomes shiny, and creates a strong glare off the windshield.

Some say you can simulate the experience by duct taping a flood light to your dash, point it directly at your retinas, and then try to not rear-end the person in front of you. Bonus points if you do it with a massive headache because the the melting dashes tend to give off a mind-numbing chemical smell:

“The plaintiffs claim the cost to replace a melted dashboard can be as high as $1000. Once a customer has paid to have a new dashboard installed, the original defective plastic is still used and will eventually melt and become a blinding menace.”

And then there’s the question of its affect in airbags:

“The plaintiffs say the passenger-side airbag deploys through perforations in the dashboard, so what happens if the dashboard is damaged?

Subaru denies and wrongdoing because … of course they do. The lawsuit targets the 2005-2009 model years.