Soy Vey! Hawaiian Lawsuit Says Subaru’s Soy-Based Wire Coatings Are Getting Chewed Up

Subaru has been sued over its use of a soy-based wire coating, which one owner claims is attracting rodents and leading to thousands of dollars in damage.

Plaintiff Joy Diane Shuey says she purchased a new 2015 Subaru Forester, but about a month later she took the SUV back to the dealer because of a fuel odor and an illuminated check engine light … The technician allegedly discovered the fuel line and rear wiper hose needed to be replaced because they had been chewed by rats. Shuey says she paid $318.52 for repairs that Subaru didn’t cover under warranty.

This is by no means a Subaru-specific problem. To date, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia are all facing similar lawsuits for using soy-based coating and refusing to cover repairs under warranty.

According to automakers, it’s unfortunate but not a defect.

That doesn’t sit well with owners like Shuey who also had to pay $388.09 for a damaged fuel line and a staggering $2,433.30 to replace an engine wiring harness – both of which had been chewed by rats.

The class-action, Joy Diane Shuey, et. al, vs. Servco Subaru, Inc, et. al., is only for owners who purchased a Subaru from a specific dealership in Hawaii. However, depending on the outcome it could lay the groundwork for statewide or nationwide litigation.