Subaru Continues to Ignore Unintended Acceleration Complaints, Leading to a Second Lawsuit

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A white Subaru driving down the road

Subaru owners say their vehicles are surging forward when trying to shift into PARK, even with a foot firmly on the brake pedal. The automaker continues to blame drivers for the incidents, propmting a second class-action lawsuit to be filed in a matter of months.

The California lawsuit's plaintiffs have made very similar allegations to the previous lawsuit filed in May. Mostly that the vehicles will suddenly go into gear and lunge forward for a couple of seconds despite having their foot on the brakes. Something allegedly caused by a disturbance in the electrical current of the throttle body.

Subaru doesn't appear concerned about the growing number of reports and hasn't issued a technical service bulletin about the problem.

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An increasing number of Subaru owners say their vehicles will inexplicably surge forward when the vehicle is stopped and their foot is on the brake. The unintended acceleration incidents often happen as the driver tries to shift the trans

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