1. Subaru is recalling 3,200 brand new vehicles for a problem that could eventually lead to a fire.

    Subaru says proper tightening procedures weren't followed for the nuts that secure the propeller shaft to the rear differential. The automaker blames the problem on an improper use of the torque wrench.

    Looks like somebody in the Subaru factory is going back to "Torque Wrench 101." So how do some loose nuts lead to a fire? It's simple, really.…

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  2. Subaru has recalled some 2015-2016 Legacys and Outbacks for a manufacturing error in the propeller shaft connected to the transmission.

    [Subaru] says the seal cap and seal may be deformed inside the propeller shaft yoke, a problem that can cause transmission fluid to leak.

    That leaking transmission fluid can hit the hot exhaust pipe and start a fire. Car fires are no yoke.…

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  3. Being able to see the road clearly is one the cornerstones to a successful day of driving.

    That's probably why some Legacy and Outback owners are so fed up with their dashboards.

    A proposed class-action lawsuit says the dashboards were made with a defective material that fails in high heat or sunlight. It melts, becomes shiny, and creates a strong glare off the windshield.…

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  4. Over 50,000 Subaru Foresters, XV Crosstreks and Impreza vehicles are subject to a new recall program

    in Australia for a manufacturing defect in the steering column. It’s not known if these vehicles will be recalled in the U.S. or other global markets.

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  5. Suba

    u sales continue to climb in the USA. And climb. And climb.** Japan's Fuji Heavy Industries --- the maker of Subaru vehicles --- saw a 70% increase in Q1 operating profits over the previous quarter.…

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  6. Police say a Chevy Camaro driver lost control of his vehicle (ya think?), went airborne and ended up on top of a 2014 Subaru Outback in a Tennessee parking lot.

    If I owned that Subaru my anger would only be outweighed by how impressed I am he stuck the landing.…

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  7. Did you hear about the strange recall Subaru issued for the 2012 Impreza?

    It involves airbags, metal and phone chargers. Subaru is recalling the cars after finding what can only be described as a strange cause for the airbag failures. The automaker says the airbag occupant detection system can fail if a front seat passenger uses a cell phone or other device that is plugged into the power outlet.

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  8. Subaru's EyeSight has been caught napping on the job.

    EyeSight is Subaru's advanced collision avoidance system that is always looking ahead and making sure the path is clear. Well, except when it's not. A defective switch that activates the brake lights can fail and that, in turn, tells the pre-collision system to "take five."…

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