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      • Subaru may want you to feel the freedom but even they can’t escape a Takata recall.

        By now I’m guessing you’ve heard about the dangers of Takata airbags, but here’s a quick recap:

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      • Subaru has agreed to settle a lawsuit that says certain cars require a small fortune to keep the engine full of oil. The plaintiffs say there aren’t enough dead dinosaurs and other fossil fuels ...

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      • has an update on the Girard Gibbs Law Group class-action suit which accuses Subaru FB engines of burning through too much oil. The update includes a Q&A that might be helpful ...

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      • An occupant classification system needs to be able to identify any passenger in the front seat — yes, even the ones that put their feet on your dashboard. That identification is used to determin...

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      • Did you hear about the strange recall Subaru issued for the 2012 Impreza? It involves airbags, metal and phone chargers.

        “Subaru is recalling the cars after finding what can only be desc...

      • Well that didn’t work.

        By that I mean Subaru’s recall of 660,000 vehicles for rusted brake lines that could cause a sudden loss of braking. Turns out the fix didn’t work for almost 200,0...

  6. 2014

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      • Subaru is recalling 660,000 cars with brake lines that can rust out due to road salt. The recall only affects Subarus sold in cold-weather states … so basically all of them. This isn’t Subaru’s ...